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The very future of a community relies on the access to quality education and healthcare in the region. Communities and counties must work together in the future to provide strength at the state capitol and beyond when legislation seeks to reallocate resources on which we depend. 

Sustainable Energy


The energy industry continues to lead the State’s economy in oil, natural gas and renewable power. A concentrated effort ensures each sector plays a role in the conversations that impact legislation.



Both state and national policy changes have a direct impact on the future of agribusiness and landowners in Oklahoma. Land management, resources for livestock, trade issues and over burdensome regulations leave the industry with unpredictable results each year.

Beer Maker in Brewery


For manufacturing to be a success in rural Oklahoma, we need to ensure policies that encourage growth rather than inhibit expansion. An aggressive incentive program that can compete with the larger metro areas is key to driving new employers to the rural regions. Additionally, access to a qualified, trained workforce is the most important factor in long-term growth in manufacturing. We must continue to invest in training and apprentice opportunities to meet the needs of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Discussing the Numbers


A thriving, rural financial industry goes hand-in-hand with the equipment and retail industry. Businesses and citizens alike must have access to the best advice and lending services, so they can make informed decisions. Furthermore, utility providers, such as electric and rural water cooperatives, impact all industry sectors in the region and often require unique representation among Corporation Commissioners and federal regulators.

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